the text files should be formatted one entry to a line, with entries formatted as:

word /// definition1 / definition 2

with no more than 3 definitions. Note the spaces around the slashes. If the entry is a Japanese word with a furigana reading, then

word {reading} /// definition1 / definition 2

and if you also want to be able to look it up by reading then you'll need to add a second entry formatted as

reading {word} /// definition1 / definition 2

The information below is how to convert a text file to a .dic dictionary; this is from (I copied the instructions rather than just linking to them just in case the original page becomes unavailable--apologies to the authors)

Tools - ̕ϊ

the following options:





Load the files with Q, e.g. wadoku.txt for the s ,

and write wadoku.dic for the pdic file to be created.

In the bottom menu choose



Then move on to ڍ and choose



i.e. with a space at the left and the right of the three slashes.

In the left menu

/ p񕔂ɂ‚

choose only the first point

/ p؂肵Ď荞

and at the bottom choose



i.e. a space to the left and the right of the slash.

In the right menu


choose the first


and the third point



In the submenu


choose points 1,4 and 5.

OK this menu as well as ڍׁB


OK once more.

Ok once more. (on the menu that pops up--Hyper.... should already be selected, blanking out all the other choices except the box on the bottom, which you shouldn't select)