At the bottom of the screen you have the choice of Hand mode, Rotate mode, and Arrow mode, as indicated by the obvious icons. It's an either/or proposition--you can only be in one of these modes at once. Most of the time, you'll be in Hand mode. I really see no use whatsoever for arrow mode, but if you do, lovely. Arrow mode lets you input Points and Routes.

In Arrow mode, you can enter custom Points and routes. A Point is just a point you want to remember--it'll show up on the map as a little apple icon with a label ("Turn left here," "Akiko's house," whatever). A route is a route--you use the stylus to draw a route on the map. Remember that any points and routes you make aren't actually saved until you use Save or Save As from the Custom menu.

To use Arrow mode, tap the Arrow icon to enter Arrow Mode, then just hold the cursor anywhere on the screen until a pop-up menu appears:

To make a Point: Tap the top option, テキスト入力 (Text Input). Now, just tap whereever you want to put a Point on the map, and you'll then see the input screen, where you can enter the text for the label and any comments you wish to make. Tap the 色と線 ("Colors and Lines") tab at the bottom of the this screen to change the text and line colors.

To make a Route: Tab the bottom option, 折れ線入力 (Route Input). Now, tap out your route as a trail of red dots. When you're done or you reach the edge of the screen, double tap at the last point. The red dots will be be replaced by a solid blue line. If you want to zoom in or out or move the screen to continue the route beyond the current edge, first choose hand mode, then use the zoom bar or drag the screen. To continue the route, tap the Arrow to choose Arrow mode again, hold the cursor anywhere to bring up the pop-up again, and choose the bottom option, 折れ線入力 (Route Input), again. If you make a mistake and need to undo a section, double tap to finish the line and turn it blue, then choose Undo (the very top option) from the View Menu. It's generally a good idea to do a short stretch, then double tap to turn the trail of red dots into a blue line every so often, so if you need to undo you won't lose too much.

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