A. I can't submit the order/inquiry form.

  1. The numbers in the security check don't show up, so I can't complete the form (users' reviews page only).
    1. Sometimes they just don't load. Hitting "refresh" usually fixes the problem. If it doesn't, that resource may be being blocked by the server or network your computer is connected to. No problem: just contact JLT by sending email to japanesetools youknowwhatgoeshere gmail youknowwhatgoesheretoo com with your review, and I'll post it for you.
  2. Other problem.
    1. As above, contact JLT by sending email to japanesetools youknowwhatgoeshere gmail youknowwhatgoesheretoo com.

B. I submitted an order or inquire a while ago and haven't had a response yet.

  1. It's a weekend or holiday in Japan. JLT is a small company without a round-the-clock staff. The proprietor may actually be doing something other than working on the weekend. He may even take a long weekend once in a while. While JLT normally responds the same day, even on holidays and weekends, please allow 3 business days (allowing for Japanese holidays and any time difference) before worrying.
  2. If you saw the "Thank you" message when you submitted your order or inquiry, JLT should have received it. In almost every case in which someone hasn't heard back from JLT within three business days, JLT has responded, but either the submitter's email service is down or it's refusing to accept JLT's mail. Hotmail, Earthlink, AOL, and mit.edu have proven especially unreliable, though Hotmail is getting better (you'd think MIT would be able to run an email server competently). Email servers at small companies and schools are also especially vulnerable. Mobile phone email services sometimes refuse to accept mail sent from normal computer email services, or email in standard encodings or with standard html formatting. If using a free or especially a work or university email address, please remember that these expire if you haven't accessed them in a while, have changed jobs, or graduated or left the university--please check that you can still access and receive email at the account--one previous customer (yo, Tim! This means you!) kept using the inquiry form to send me a question about a serious problem with a simple solution (fix-it-in-20-seconds simple), sounding increasingly desperate, and that guy is probably still unable to use his expensive dictionary because he kept sending me the yahoo address he'd created just to order his system without realizing that because he hadn't accessed the account in months it had expired. Of the free services, I've found yahoo and google quite reliable--never had a problem with them (though yahoo can be slow and seems to be behind the curve on filtering out obvious spam). If you haven't had a response from JLT within 3 business days, please resubmit your order or inquiry with an email address from a different provider (you don't have to fill in all the info again--I just need your name and the different email address).