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Memory Cards

       Rather than buy, download, convert, and install dictionaries yourself, you can buy them pre-installed, tested, and ready to use on a memory card for your device--and you can get a full package for less than you'd pay for the card alone in a store.

      All cards come with Edict, Enamdict, Kanjidic, and Readings installed and tested, in either PDIC (for Palm or desktop versions of Windows) or EPWING format (for Windows Mobile, Palm, Windows XP, Vista, Mac OS, Linux, and other operating systems--including those on devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch, Nokia N800, and others). Add Eijiro*, and you've got an excellent all-around dictionary package suitable for students and people living and working in Japan.

      Very high-level students may want to add either Daijirin or Koujien, the authoritative Japanese dictionaries (not English-Japanese dictionaries). See the prices for these dictionaries on the order form. Other commercial dictionaries are also available--Kenkyusha Intermediate is an English-Japanese dictionary at a reasonable price, though I don't think it adds anything if you already have Eijiro; the big Kenkyusha--known as the Green Goddess--is quite good but expensive. Genius, Crown, and most other commercial dictionaries can also be added--check with me about the price if you're interested. For specialized needs or interests, there are also quite a few other free and commercial dictionaries available. If there's any other dictionary you'd like to have installed on your card, inquire on the order/inquiry form--I can install any free EPWING format dictionary for no extra charge; commercial EPWING or Logovista format dictionaries are the total price of the dictionary plus 2200 yen (I charge extra because there's a little more conversion involved and ordering them is a pain in the neck).

*The JLT conversion of the Eijiro dictionaries and its sale on this website are by written permission of EDP, obtained August 11, 2008. "Eijiro" is a registered trade mark of Sachiko Michihata.

      Important Notes:

1. Please double check to be sure your device can use the type and capacity of any memory card you're ordering.

2. The dictionaries are properly formatted and fully tested, but they will work for you ONLY if you've got a device that's capable of inputting and displaying Japanese and ONLY if you've properly installed the right software to read the format of dictionary you've bought. It's up to you to make sure you've done that. JLT support can tell you how to use the dictionaries, but it cannot tell you how to use your device. I cannot provide support for you in setting up your own device other than the advice I've already provide on this site (Palm, Windows Mobile, iPhone/iPod Touch, Windows, Mac, Nokia, and many other platforms). Just to be crystal clear: the normal English-language version of a Windows Mobile device does not support Japanese. If you have an English language Windows Mobile device, none of my dictionaries will work on it. Before you buy a card and dictionaries from me, I strongly recommend you download one of my free dictionaries in the format you intend to buy and try it out--a good test is the smaller version of Kanjidic: PDIC format, EPWING format.

3. Each EPWING format dictionary is an entire folder. If you've downloaded a dictionary, unzip the downloaded file to yield a folder and you're done (dictionaries on cards are ready to use--don't try to unzip them). Changing anything in the folder will disable the dictionary. If you want to copy or move it to another location, copy or move the entire folder. Inside each dictionary's folder are some files and subfolders. DO NOT rename, move, or delete anything. DO NOT attempt to directly open any file within the folder--your computer will inevitably choose the wrong program, even if you have the right one installed, and that wrong program will display the dictionary as gibberish and it will want to save it as gibberish--if you let it do so, you will have destroyed the dictionary.

2-4 GB SD: High-quality, high speed SD card.
4-32 GB SDHC: High-quality, high speed SDHC card.
CF cards: 8-32 GB

Others: Mini and Micro SD and SDHC, Memory Sticks, other types of memory cards, other sizes of SD or CF cards--inquire on the order/inquiry form and I'll let you know what's available and for how much.

Memory Card Options

All memory cards come with all my free EPWING dictionaries all set up. You can also add:

The JLT version of Eijiro

Various Free Dictionaries

Daijirin, Koujien, Kenkyusha, etc.

See Order Form for Current Prices

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