JLT Video Tutorials

for the Axim X51V Complete System

These are some simple introductions to JLT dictionary functions; you can often find more information and more details in the rest of the documentation. I'll occasionally add more videos and revise the ones already here, so you may want to check back here once in a while. If you'd like to watch a video again and again, please download it and save it on your computer so you don't have to download it anew each time--you'll save both my bandwidth and yours. (To save a video to your computer, just right-click on a link in Windows, or Ctrl-Click on it in Mac OS.)

These videos are also available on the JLT Youtube channel.

Introduction to the JLT Axim. 2012 Aug 26. What you need to know to to begin using your Axim productively. You should still be sure to read the Getting Started guide that came with your Axim and the regular written documentation.

How to enter text on the JLT Axim. 2012 Aug 26. Necessary to just about everything you'd want to do with your Axim.

How to use the dictionaries. 2012 Aug 26. The whole reason you bought a JLT Axim in the first place. This is an introduction; once you get comfortable using the basic features of the dictionary, you should look at the written documentation, both for the EBPocket dictionary program and for the individual dictionaries you want to use.

How to connect your Axim to a WiFi network and the internet. 2012 Aug 26.

Wi-Fi troubleshooting 1. 2012 Aug 26. What to do if nothing happens after you turn Wi-Fi on.

Wi-Fi troubleshooting 2. 2012 Aug 26. What if the network you want isn't on the list of networks the Axim offers to connect to?

Note for Mac users: If you have any problem viewing the videos from this page, you can always watch them on the JLT Youtube channel.

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