Setting Up Your Windows Mobile Device for Google Sync

Per Google's recent announcement, it will no longer be possible to set up sync with a new device after January 30, but if you've already set it up on your device by that date the sync will continue to work just as it always has.

(Important: all links on this page are to external sites; if you're viewing this on your JLT PDA, don't click on them unless you're currently connected to the internet. This page was copied from Google's Help (with a few JLT-specific bits added)

To set up Google Sync on your Windows Mobile device, please follow the steps below.

Important Notes:

1. Open the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync application on your device's home screen.
2. Click Set up your device to sync with it.
3. Enter as the server address.
4. Ensure that the SSL option is selected.


Sign In to Your Google Account

5. Click Next.
6. Enter your full Google Account email address as the User name.
7. Enter your Google Account password as the Password. If you're a 2-step verification user, please use an application-specific password instead (if you don't know what this means, then you're not a 2-step verification user and you can ignore this sentence).
8. Leave the Domain field empty. (Not required on the JLT Axims and iPAQs)
9. Click Next.
10. Check Contacts and Calendar. (Tasks is not supported and will lead to an error if checked. JLT recommends you not sync email; it's better to just access email through a regular online interface.)
11. Click Finish.

Google sync windows mobile mail  Google sync windows mobile data to sync

12. Press the Sync softkey on the left to synchronize. The sync set-up isn't registered through Google until you sync for the first time. If you have a lot of appointments or contacts, this might take several minutes.

Google sync windows mobile

You've now set up Google Sync for your Windows Mobile device.

Tip: If your business, school, or organization uses Google Apps, your administrator will first need to enable Exchange ActiveSync before you can take advantage of this feature.