Pocket Mapple Guide

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Welcome to the Pocket Mapple Guide. The format's a bit odd, but I've tried to design it to mimic actually using Pocket Mapple and to be easily accessible on a VGA PDA screen. Set your PDA browser to fullscreen mode to get the full effect.

In the following pages:

"How to" information is shown in context, so root around through the menus in the following pages to find what you need. It's the best way to get to know the program.

One thing to keep in mind: "Custom" in Mapple refers to anything you've made and saved: text points (a little apple logo and label you've put at a particular place on a map), routes, and paths.  So the Custom menu is all about creating, saving, and opening such content.

Important Information: 

Quick index of basic functions:

I recommend taking the time to look through all the menus and options with this guide and the PDA in hand to get a general feel for how the program works. Start right here. You'll get used to the functions you use most often very quickly.

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