Recovering from a Reset

     A hard reset basically means resetting the system back to factory spec. Everything in the main memory--all programs, settings, and data--is wiped out. Sometimes you'll want to do this intentionally if you've got a problem that won't yield to less drastic measures, or just when you want a fresh start. (To initiate a hard reset in the iPAQ, while holding the bottom two hardware buttons below the screen, press the recessed reset button on the bottom; in the Axim, while holding the power button, press the recessed reset button on the back for about half a second; then when asked if you want to delete all data, choose yes [press the contacts button, second from the left]). However, a bad system or software crash and, in the iPAQ hx4700, Axim X50V, and Axim X30, complete loss of battery power can also trigger a hard reset (this doesn't happen with the X51V). When your Windows Mobile system suffers a hard reset for any reason, you'll see this screen:

     Those of you with English language systems can simply follow the onscreen directions.* Some users of the Japanese system need a little help, though. Thus, here I present the English-language versions of the screens you'll be seeing, with occasional commentary from JLT in red. Tap or click anywhere on the screen image on each page toadvance to the next screen, just as you're seeing them on your Japanese iPAQ or Axim. Those of you with English Windows Mobile 6 OS versions of my system will find the screens a bit different--you can skip some things and there are a few extra steps tossed in--but the onscreen directions are clear and you won't have any problems. *Important note for WM 6 users (mainly those of you with the X51V): the setup routine will ask you if you want to set up a password and email on your Axims--DON'T (having a password can turn a certain kind of problem from a minor scratch on the finger, fixable in 20 seconds, to a fatal gunshot wound to the head, reducing your dictionary to a very expensive paperweight; email is merely inconvenient--on the PDA, it's much better to access your email through the web interface). When asked to set up a password and email, tap "Skip."

Tap the screen shot above to begin.

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