Users' Reviews of the JLT Dictionaries

Stunningly Good Product and Support: I've been using the Axim/JLT package for a year now. I just wish I'd found it earlier in my Japanese studies.

The suite of e-dictionaries is in my experience unsurpassed - certainly more than any English-speaking "Japanese as a second/third etc language" student could reasonably want. The package is easy and intuitive to learn and speed improves as you gain familiarity.

I've most recently used it on a holiday in Japan (much easier to cart around than a paper dictionary). On one occasion I fell into conversation with a Japanese University student (he wanted to work on his English, I my Japanese). The JLT product was faster to use than his standard electronic dictionary.

I also used the Dell's wi-fi function while there. Very handy.

Peter's support is also world class - not only in terms of his upgrades, but in offering support for specific questions. He's even given me excellent advice on good French and Italian dictionaries (for my wife) that I can instal. Maybe not a good idea if I want to keep my hands on the Axim, I guess!


Note from Peter the proprietor: Peter the customer is discussing the JLT Complete System built on a Dell Axim X51V PDA.

Added: Nov 16, 2010
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JLT as a study tool: Why hello there.

I bought the X30 Complete Package w. Daijirin (J-J) some two months ago. After having tried my friend’s electronic dictionary; I have come to the following conclusion:

The JLT PDA has the fastest kanji input available, while kana input is significantly slower than a normal electronic dictionary (for the simple reason of the keyboard being virtual.)

Basically; if you want to look up words in kanji whose reading you don’t know, buy this product, no question.

It is a great product, and certainly the best solution for most people. You get a load of extra benefits with the JLT PDA too, and the customer support is awesome.

That being said, I actually regret buying the PDA over the normal electronic dictionary. I wanted to use it for both study (kanji lookup) and conversations (English or kana lookup.) Problem is that for study electronic source material coupled with Yahoo dictionary and the Rikaichan Firefox plug-in is faster – although obviously not portable – and for conversations a normal electronic dictionary wins the battle. For me, it is a question of becoming fluent in the least amount of time possible, and JLT just doesn’t deliver the maximum speed available.

Do note that this point of view is based on me already knowing at least one reading of over a thousand characters, and the meaning of a thousand more. I'm not anywhere near fluent, but clearly I don't rely on the kanji-input as often as a beginner.

Reply from Peter at JLT: The feedback I've received and the other reviews users have posted have shown that the vast majority of users find the JLT system easy and quick to use--when my Japanese friends and I are both looking for a word that comes up in conversation, they on their denshi jisho and me on my JLT system, it usually takes about as long on either system (except when they can't find the word at all). But as this review demonstrates, no one product can be perfect for everyone--sometimes the way a particular device or program works (in this case, the virtual keyboard) clicks with some users but not with another, and of course each user's needs are different, too. I appreciate Christian's feedback because it reminds prospective customers to take a good look at the materials on the JLT site to be sure the JLT system fits their needs. With something like an electronic dictionary, how it works, the feel and flow of it, can be as important as what it does, and it's harder to get a sense of that without actually trying it out. Fortunately, the 30 day money-back guarantee on the JLT system gives buyers a chance to try it out for a few weeks and make sure the way it works suits them, and it gives them a chance to try it out against their friends' denshi jisho or the denshi jisho in stores, before they're committed (that's a pretty safe offer for me: so far, of well over 400 sales, only one person before this has taken me up on it; although Christian wrote this a month after the one-month money-back guarantee period and had not requested a refund, I offered Christian a full refund to return his dictionary).

Added: Nov 05, 2010
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JLT Package on iPhone: I ordered the JLT Package for my iPhone from Peter - a very rapid response, the files were downloaded and everything installed fine (as per the instructions on here). Besides EBPocket Pro, I also have Daijirin and Daijisen from the Apple app store (both of these apps recognise handwritten Japanese) so for an unknown Kanji, I write it to get the kana and then type it into EBPocket (EDICT, Eijiro, Kenkyusha etc). Everything works great. Thank you, Peter!

Added: Oct 21, 2010
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Awesome product and amazing Tech Support: I bought the iPAQ axium hx4700 this past summer as a supplementary to my Japanese language classes. Since receiving my PDA,any issues I have had with it and emailed Peter with(It recently had charging issues) have been quickly and promptly responded to with extremely helpful advice. He is an amazing help and friendly. The work he puts into making sure his products work is amazing and makes having this system completely worth it.

Added: Oct 17, 2010
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Axim X51V: I have been using the Axim X51v every day since I have bought it about one year ago. I really like the Kenkyusha Daijiten. In addition, I use the PDA to listen to Japanese audio material while riding on the train. The Mocha ftp server is convenient for uploading files to the PDA via Wifi. Last but not least, Peter provides an excellent service and support. I would certainly buy the same product again and recommend it to anybody learning Japanese.

Added: Sep 29, 2010
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The X51V is a great product and Peter is very helpful: I'm a university student of Japanese, and I bought the X51v from Peter in January of this year (2010). I've found it to be a great product both in Japan and for my studies at uni. Peter is also very helpful with any issues or problems you may have.

Added: Aug 01, 2010
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It really is the best thing since sliced bread!: I have lived in Okinawa Japan for over 15 years now and probably own every Japanese book and dictionary available. I have used Peter's system for nearly two years now and it really is the best Japanese study tool that I have found to date. The only problem that I have had is that my granddaughter just did something to mine and it is not working! I just wrote Peter for suggestions. I am so hooked on this thing that whatever it takes I will get mine working or a new one. It is so well worth whatever the cost!


Note from Peter: This customer originally had the Complete System based on an X50V PDA; I sent her a replacement X51V PDA at cost.

Added: Jul 21, 2010
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JLT for Sceptics: As a discerning purchaser, I am somewhat sceptical of glowing reviews for products on the seller's homepage. And when I read the reviews for the JLT system, I had my doubts as to their authenticity. However, after owning one for six months, I can honestly say that it's the best thing since sliced bread.

My job in Japan requires me to speak to clients in Japanese on range of Engineering subjects and my JLT system has proved invaluable in translating English technical terminology into Japanese.

The system as as simple and easy to use as decsribed on the website. And the After Sales support is excellent. As a basic Japanese speaker living in Japan, I use the 'Edict PlaySay' and 'Kanjidic' dictionaries most frequently.

--the customer is discussing the JLT Complete System built on an HP iPAQ hx4700 PDA.

Added: May 31, 2010
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JLT on Axim is superb: I've been using Peter's language tools on a Dell Axim for 6 months now, and it's very easy to sum up my experience with it: Fabulous.

You get a pretty good idea how it works from reading the website, but what you can't quite tell is how easy it is to use and how helpful it is overall.

I'm just finishing my first year of University-level Japanese, and the Axim has saved me a of time and made the entire process more enjoyable.

I can look things up very quickly and go from an entry for a given word in EDict to the relevant entry/entries in the Kanji dictionary.

Also, I find the touchscreen entry with stylus a great way to practice kanji. The recognition software is so good that variations in handwriting don't matter: as long as I'm writing the correct strokes it recognizes the character.

And the Conjugations dictionary is also a boon, for those times I'm not quite sure I have a form right.

Aside from the great boon that the JLT/Axim itself is, Peter is a model of helpfulness and generosity. He's walked me through a few things 'by hand' and made the whole transition to this new technology simple and flawless.

Sure you can get a DenshiJishyo for (a bit) less, but Peter's system is much easier to use for those of us who are (in my case quite a bit) less than fluent in Japanese. And the fact that you also have a PDA just adds to the value.

As I told Peter recently, I feel sorry for the other students in my class: they don't have this handy tool.

I think you can tell that I highly recommend it.

--Customer is discussing the JLT Complete System build on a Dell Axim X51V PDA.

Added: Apr 08, 2010
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JLT: like everyone else in this community I am very happy with A. Peter, and B. the total product.

this single tool replaces for me three separate ones I was using before - Henshall's book, couple of dictionaries, and a set of flash cards. however, I still wish Peter will integrate into the system a good set of Jouyou kanji which will include test functions etc.

by the way, Peter - I wonder if you have some information about the Japanese knowledge level your customers have achieved, how long it took them, and the reasons they study it. this is just out of sheer curiosity. have you ever done a survey?

--Customer is discussing the JLT Complete System built on a Dell Axim X51V PDA.

Admin reply: I haven't done a survey, but from communication with my customers, I can say that people's Japanese levels and motivations vary tremendously. Users range from absolute beginners using it to study and get a foothold in the language (and the country) to fluent speakers who find the advanced dictionaries and kanji look-up helpful--the outlier is a native Japanese journalist who likes having Eijiro in her pocket and finds the furigana useful.

A lot of customers are new to living in Japan and want something to help them get around as much as to study; quite a few are in the US military; some are married to Japanese; another sizable percentage are studying in intensive Japanese language programs (a couple in the US at the Defense Language Institute). Generally one person in a particular program gets one, then shows other students, who try it out against the other electronic dictionaries some of them have, and then I get several more orders from people in the same program (I'll notice a sudden flurry of orders to the same neighborhood and then I'll ask one of them and find they're all studying together). Surprisingly (to me, at least) a good number of customers have been missionaries, all around Japan and especially at a missionary training program in Sapporo. On the other hand, several have been westerners becoming Buddhist nuns and monks. The business has really brought me into contact with quite a variety of interesting people.

Another thing I've been surprised at is that quite a few of my customers already had other, standard electronic dictionaries (Canon, Casio, Sharp, etc.) before buying the JLT--and they've generally been my happiest customers because they were already familiar with what else was out there and thus were best able to appreciate what the JLT system does better. Besides being great customers they've also generally been my most enthusiastic salespeople, recommending the JLT system to their friends.


Added: Apr 06, 2010
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