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Complete Package, all set up and ready to go, on a refurbished Dell Axim X51V PDA.

Top of the line Dell Axim X51V pocket computer with English Windows Mobile 6 operating system and a high speed 32 GB SDHC card, including the dictionary software and the JLT version of Eijiro,* Edict, Conjugations, Enamdict, Kanjidic, and other dictionaries all installed and ready to use..

The Dell Axim X51V with English Windows Mobile 6 operating system is both the easiest to use and has the most capability and performance of any PDA.  Korean and Chinese support can be installed at no additional charge. It can use SDHC cards up to 32 GB (32 GB SDHC card included) and all sizes of CF cards.

The JLT X51V System comes with a battery, wall charger (universal 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz), stylus, documentation and backups on DVD, Original Dell USB sync-charge cable, and generic screen protector.

Warranty and Support

Complete System Packages
Complete system on a factory refurbished Dell Axim X51V with English OS ¥30,000

Complete System on a used but tested Dell Axim X51V with English OS ¥20,000

Optional Dictionaries for the Complete System
Add Kenkyusha Intermediate, E>J and J>E ¥5000
Add Kenkyusha Daijiten (the big one!), both E>J and J>E ¥24,000
Add Koujien ¥10,000
Add Daijirin ¥9000
Add Nouveau Petit Royal French<>Japanese Dictionary ¥7500 (price subject to change)

Add another commercial EPWING or Logovista format dictionary--inquire in "Details" area, below.

Options and Accessories for the Complete System
Innopocket Magnum magnesium case--by far the best, expensive but worth it. Only one in stock--last one probably forever! Used. One left: ¥2000
New aluminum case Sold Out
Used aluminum case Sold Out
New Belkin Executive black leather case (1 brown available--ask below) ¥1000
32, 64, 128 GB High Speed CF Card (ask current price in inquiry box below) Please Inquire

Generic USB sync/charge cable ¥500

Used cases for Axim See Cases page; enter in inquiry box below

Cleartouch Crystal Screen Protector ¥1200
Double Capacity Battery and Custom Case ¥2000
Extra standard battery ¥1500
Shipping within Japan included
Shipping outside Japan ¥3500
Items and prices above available ONLY  with purchase of complete system--no shipping to Brazil, Italy, or other countries with unreliable postal systems.

*JLT conversion of Eijiro dictionaries and sale on this website by written permission of EDP (obtained August 11, 2008). "Eijiro" is a registered trademark of Sachiko Michihata. The current JLT version of Eijiro is based on v. 150 of the Eijiro data. 

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