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     Mocha FTP Server is a great way to transfer files between your JLT PDA and computer (any computer) over a Wi-Fi network. Compared to other methods of transferring data:

If you’ve got Wi-Fi, Mocha FTP server is the most convenient way to transfer data—especially if you’ve got a lot of it.

Using Mocha FTP Server

     Mocha FTP Server has a couple of minor bugs, but I’ve tested all the competing programs, including a couple of fairly expensive ones, and Mocha is by far the best—some of the others don’t work at all; Mocha actually works well. As with anything technical, the instructions below may look long and involved when you read them cold, but as you actually go through the procedure with the PDA in your hand you’ll find it pretty quick and simple, even the first time. There are actually only a couple of things to do. After the first time, you’ll find it takes only 30 seconds or so to connect. Here’s what you do:

  1. Turn on Wi-Fi on your PDA and connect to your network as you normally do to go online. Try connecting to a web page to confirm that the connection is good.
  2. Start Mocha FTP Server on your PDA.
  3. On your PDA, you’ll see a screen like the one shown on Mochasoft's site. All you have to do is note the IP address shown. At this point, your PDA is ready. Leave the PDA on and Mocha FTP server running.
  4. Now, you have to connect to your PDA from your computer. On your computer, start your favorite FTP program. If you don’t have one, I recommend the excellent, free FileZilla. The following directions are for FileZilla, but other programs should work the same way. You can also use Microsoft Internet Explorer, following the directions on the Mochasoft site (but who uses IE anymore?).
  5. In the Host box in the Quick Connect boxes at the top of the FileZilla window, enter the FTP address you noted from Mocha FTP server on your PDA. Leave the other boxes alone (in other programs, if you have to enter a username, use “anonymous” and leave the password blank). Click the Quick Connect button. FileZilla and Mocha FTP server will take a few seconds to communicate with each other and make a connection. When they’ve succeeded, you’ll see the contents of your PDA in the right hand window of FileZilla.
  6. You can open folders and navigate around within the PDA in that right hand window of FileZilla. Now just copy and paste or drag and drop between that right hand window and anywhere else on your computer to transfer files to or from the PDA, move files around on the PDA, delete files on the PDA, etc.
  7. When you’re done, quite FileZilla on your computer and exit Mocha FTP Server on your PDA. Shut down Wi-Fi on your PDA.

That’s it.

Installing Mocha FTP Server

     If you’ve bought a JLT system since around July 2010, Mocha FTP server should already be installed on your JLT PDA. Look for it in the Program Menu (tap Programs from the Start Menu to access the Program Menu). If you don’t already have it, you can get it from either of two places:

     After installing the program, start up Wi-Fi and connect to your network normally, start up Mocha FTP Server from the Program Menu, and in the Mocha start-up window tap Register. Enter the license name and license number as shown on the Mochasoft site.

     Pretty simple, ねー

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