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The JLT Store is closed!  I'm leaving this page up for reference, but I'm no longer selling the JLT version of Eijiro.  JLT's free dictionaries are still free to download.

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The Japanese Language Tools version of Eijiro (v. 151) download: ¥1980

JLT conversion of Eijiro dictionaries and sale on this website by written permission of EDP (obtained August 11, 2008). "Eijiro" is a registered trademark of Sachiko Michihata. The current JLT version of Eijiro is based on v. 151 of Eijiro, released Oct. 2, 2017.  Note that these are huge files (roughly 1.5 GB total for one version, 3 GB if you want to try both); while they're no problem on a high-speed broadband connection, with a slower connection or wireless internet downloading may not be possible.  Also because of the size of the files, in order to use Eijiro on a phone or tablet, you must first unzip it on a desktop or laptop computer, then move it over to your device (it's quite simple, and directions are provided with the download).

Delivery of Eijiro by mail on a DVD-ROM is available for an additional charge:

Most major Japanese commercial dictionaries are also available in EPWING format: Koujien, Daijirin, Nouveau Petit Royale Français<>Japonais, Kenkyusha Intermediate J<>E, Kenkyusha Daijiten J<>E (the big one!), Genius, etc. These are special orders, so prices vary--if interested, please let me know what you want in the Query Box below and I'll see if it's available and send you a quote. (Several Kenkyusha Intermediate in stock for 3000 yen!)

Download Free Dictionaries

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JLT version of Edict Conjugations KanjidicEnamdict proper names dictionary and more

How to use these dictionaries

JLT dictionaries use the EPWING format because it allows sophisticated features and accommodates huge dictionaries. You'll need an EPWING dictionary program to use an EPWING dictionary. Excellent programs are available for iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad), Android phones and tablets, Windows Mobile PDAs, Windows, Mac, Linux, and more, . Click on the device of your choice for information on using the JLT EPWING dictionaries on it.

Payment and Delivery Details

Delivery: JLT will prepare your downloads and send you the links and passwords you'll need within one business day of payment. DVDs will be shipped out within three business days.

PayPal: For dictionary purchases, PayPal is the easiest and the least expensive way to pay. With PayPal, you can pay using a credit card, a PayPal balance, or, from some countries, directly from your bank account. Although the prices are in yen, PayPal will bill your card or account in its native currency, so you won't incur any additional currency conversion or international use fees from your card or bank; PayPal will show you how much your purchase will cost in your native currency before you confirm the transaction.

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