How to Use Conjugations How to Get Conjugations

    Conjugations is a pretty simple idea. It's a conjugation guide for Japanese verbs. Simply enter any verb to search Conjugations, or select any verb in Edict (or almost any in Waeijiro or other dictionaries) and jump to Conjugations to see how to conjugate it. Want to find the causative form of "あそぶ"? No problem.

Conjugations full screen in EB Pocket
The new (April `10) version of Conjugations

    You can see some of the features of the new version of Conjugations here. First, the layout makes it much easier to read and understand than before. Second, there's more information. Tap the name of a tense and you'll automatically jump to a brief explanation of that tense (then just tap the back arrow icon to get back to this screen). I, F, +, and - are for Informal, Formal, Positive, and Negative--that's pretty easy to remember, but if you forget, just tap that code and you'll jump to an explanation.

How to Use Conjugations

    You can look up a verb or jump from a verb in Edict or another dictionary (here's how to jump in EB Pocket on Windows Mobile, as in the JLT Complete System). You can enter a word either in kanji and hiragana or all in hiragana (e.g., for the search shown above, you can enter 遊ぶ or あそぶ), and you can use all the normal input tools your OS and program allow (see here for the different ways to enter text in the JLT Complete System).  You can also enter the conjugated form of any very you see; let's say I see the word "あそばない" and I don't know what verb it is or what tense it is. When I search for it Conjugations, I get the result below:

First screen
Tap or click image to see full-resolution version

    Notice that the result for the term I searched for, あそぶない, is right at the top of the results screen--the heading showing the tense is somewhere above the screen, out of sight. This is due to how the dictionary program works, but it's no problem. Simply tap or click the open triangle icon icon to jump up a bit and display that heading, as you can see below.

Second screen
Tap or click image to see full-resolution version

    You can tap the solid triangle icon to jump up to the first line of the entire entry for the verb, as shown below.

Third screen
Tap or click image to see full-resolution version

    From here, you can tap the back arrow icon to go back to where you started. A few more hints about Conjugations and EBPocket: 

How to Get Conjugations

Conjugations is included standard in the Complete System. You can also purchase it as part of the JLT package, along with the JLT version of Eijiro.

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